Just Squash It

This post is for those of you who watch the Bachelor, and if you don’t…

Meet Sean:


the handsome,
and pretty much everything a girl could dream of guy…

Lauryn Pumpkin and I have a tradition of watching the Bachelor together so we can discuss each and every move or kiss (Gah, that happens often, now doesn’t it?)  that takes place. Most of the time we have to rewind, maybe because we are talking to much watching so intently. We of course have to make our predictions.

Meet SARAH: {So far our favorite}


{Cute, Fun, Spontaneous, Sweet, Real, Honest}

We also like AshLee :


{Beautiful, Down to Earth, Personable}

Last night I was not a fan of Sean’s date choices. For one, I didn’t care for the first date. However, I would much rather rock climb than jump off a skyscraper! Secondly, I was upset that Sean choose Sarah for the group date. Did he even take into consideration that she was not as capable as the other girls who were playing roller derby? How rude. I felt so sorry for her, yet she was an unbelievable sport about it all. She tried so hard and proved that she could put her mind to it. Whether she was the greatest out there or not, I do believe she was the most challenged and should’ve gotten the rose, not the disgusting girl he gave it to.

{Yes, I do love her, but I am not completely bias. I do try to give the others a chance.}

Then onto the date with Leslie. What a wonderful date–just with the wrong person.

“I’m a tan Julia Roberts.” Leslie

Tierra is my absolute least favorite.


{selfish, drama queen, obnoxious, fake, annoying, you get the point…}

When she told Sean that she wanted to leave, I was so hoping she would leave. Yet, she used it to get him to give her the rose? Ugh! Doesn’t he know better? Obviously not. What the hell was he thinking?

“I hope we can just squash it.”

No, no one wants to be your friend. Go ahead and cry your way to Sean. No one cares. However, if you win I will be very disappointed!

“In Life… I  get what I want. Always.”

Vom. Vom. Vom.

Ok Ok, I know this show is not totally ‘real’ but I did get a bit obsessed because I love love love Kaci B! She is absolutely wonderful. I fell in love with her on the last show. Yes, major girl crush. She seems so down to earth and normal. She and Sean would be adorable together, however he was not feeling it. I could tell when he first saw her get out of the limo, he was 100% shocked. Not in a good way. Then it continued to get worse. He has kissed everyone a few girls and didn’t even make an attempt for her. Strange I know because she was the most beautiful! But, I guess Sean has a different opinion.

Two Episodes….Two Nights…Double the Drama…It’s like waiting for Christmas! Who else is ready?!