The Bachelor : Finale

Wow…What a season.

I got to look stare at Sean.

Did I say stare?

Whoops. Is that the wine talking?

Wait, not whoops

It’s truthful.

Sean is beautiful. (Yes, Justin, you are MORE Beautiful, but we already know that. Duh.)

But, of course, it didn’t hurt having to watch Sean’s beautiful-self every Monday night with my bifflet.
For those of you who do not watch The Bachelor. Shame on you. 
I will let you know that tonight was the finale. Sean had to choose between two great girls.


Lindsay OR Catherine

I have like Lindsay all season, however she hasn’t always been my favorite. Maybe because I fell in love with Sarah? Who knows. But, I did feel a bit of chemistry between Sean and Lindsay. I’m not completely sure if it was partially due to all of the kissing, or perhaps the romantic dates they shared. I just think they both enjoyed each other. Lindsay fell head-over-heels in love with Sean and he didn’t seem to feel differently until the very last date. (I beg to differ, because I think he knew before then, but that is information we will never know.) Lindsay is young and in love. She wanted to find her prince charming and get married. Who doesn’t want to do that, right? I know she must be completely devastated, but I was so proud of her for what she said back to Sean after he told her she wasn’t the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

She was more mature than I have seen her the whole entire season.

Quite a few weeks ago, I told Lauryn Pumpkin that I just knew it would be Catherine. Something about she and Sean was unlike he and any of the other girls. You could tell there was a spark. Maybe something weird between them that we didn’t’ all seem to understand? We will never know. But, I do know that they were giddy. They had fun together and it showed. She fell in love with him and I could see in his eyes that the feeling was mutual. 
This absolutely sold the deal. 
Catherine is as equally sweet as Sean. This note was the perfect topping to one of the most beautiful proposals.
Personally, I think Catherine and Sean will be a great match. They are in love and it shows in every way possible. 
Sean is the sweetest man and it goes to prove that Catherine is a very, very lucky girl. Not many men would tear up on national television while watching his proposal. How sweet. 
Now, I’m looking forward to watching the wedding–

{We shall take a little time and re-cap this precious couple}

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Just before the BIG moment….Can you even begin to imagine how nervous she was?! 
Were you happy with the outcome? 
ps…I love Sean’s family. How cute are they? And his dad….What a sweet, sweet, sweet dad! 


From SIX to FOUR–Bachelor ReCap

Girls are jealous. Men love me.

Oh what an eventful night. Sean takes the remaining six to St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

AshLee gets the first one-on-one date and I was ever so excited!  Sean and AshLee start their day going to the beach and finding a catamaran out in the water waiting on them. Sean (ahhhh) and AshLee swam out to the boat to start their venture off to a private island.



Sean brings up the drama in the house and starts asking questions. AshLee fills him in with all of Tierra’s rudeness and non-sense. (I was so proud of her for not holding back!) Later on in the evening Sean asks AshLee if there is anything they haven’t covered yet….AshLee makes it obvious that there is something. While Lauryn Pumpkin, Sam and I are trying to guess what it could possibly be…we find out that she had been married before. Sean doesn’t seem to care, so they move right along with the rest of the night and continue back to how they were with….kissing…kissing…and more kissing. Which, I’m not complaining because I do love AshLee! I thought the cutest part of their date was when AshLee stood up and yelled ‘I LOVE SEAN!’.

Next up is Tierra’s date. She immediately started complaining from the second she got the date card because she wanted to go to the beach or boating, however Sean had different plans. He decided they would spend the date exploring the city. I’ve never been to St. Croix, but since when is a city full of bugs that you just can’t stand it? I mean seriously? You ACTUALLY got a one-on-one with Sean. So deal with it. Sean asks many questions based off of what he got from his date with AshLee, and she finds him to be ‘stand-offish’. Tierra of course plays the innocent card and explains that the girls just aren’t nice to her.

'These girls aren't gonna be around much longer, ya know?'

Who the hell says that? No matter if Sean told you that you were going to win…YOU STILL DON’T SAY THAT.

Then, the group date…Catherine, Desiree & Lindsay….kinda interesting date as it seemed like he didn’t get as much one-on-one time with each girl because Des was acquiring all of his attention. The day started out with Sean waking up the girls with no makeup on and taking pictures. Then they had to get ready ‘in 5 minutes’ so they can catch the sunrise. Then they take a journey across the island making stops along the way, but ending up on the other end of the island to watch the sunset. Which, in the end didn’t work out so well. You couldn’t even see the sunset, but it was still beautiful! Catherine really opened up to Sean on this date and I saw a huge connection between them.



When Des started crying…it became a bit much. Yes, we all want a perfect marriage, but common’. You are being ridiculous.

Lauryn Pumpkin and I were guessing that Catherine would get the rose, however he gave it to Lindsay. Shocker for sure!

Lesley’s one-on-one date wasn’t anything to write home about. It was very ‘friendly’. He even started out the date with saying that he hopes that their relationship is not really on par with his ‘connection’ with some of the other girls.

"I like how you smile with your eyes at me."

Sean asks his sister to come to help him. She tells him to not end up with the girl that everyone doesn’t like. So, he decided to go get Tierra and bring her to talk to his sister Shay. Of course, drama is going on at the house when Sean gets there and he sees Tierra crying. THANK HEAVENS he decided to send her home then. She was acting so ridiculous. Before Sean get to the house to talk to Tierra, she has a falling out with AshLee. I was so proud of AshLee, yet again! If I heard ‘Sabotage’ one more time, I was going to scream. Get over it, Tierra, you are a liar and no one likes you.

Tierra you have a sparkle. Do not let those girls take your spark away.


At the rose ceremony Lesley was sent home. Which, now i’m so thankful. I didn’t realize she was a dem. That not going to cut it.

'I can't control my eyebrow'

Whew, that was stressful–Now, onto hometown dates!!!

It looks like there is some serious drama coming.



Bachelor–Christmas Style

Remember I said this week is like Christmas?

Well, It’s finally here! 2 full nights of the Bachelor in ONE week.

Yep, you heard me right. Go ahead and do your happy dance–

So tonight is night 1 of the happiness with Lauryn Pumpkin & Sam.


I cannot stand Tierra.

The fake, selfish drama queen just doesn’t do it for me. Every time she opens her mouth I’m ready for her to close it already. Why does she want to fight all of the time? Grow up.

I am beginning to like Lindsay. We shall see how that goes…But, I did love their date. Oh how i’d like to have my own concert where I can dance in the middle of the town up on top of a stage where everyone is watching me. (Ok, maybe that’s a bit much…but, you get the point)

The group date was interesting. I believe I’d drink the goat’s milk also. Strange? Yes, I agree…But, I’ll try new things! Perhaps I should add that to my ‘life list’.

I didn’t think it was fair that Sean invited the losers back for the night, however I do understand that he is trying to get to know all of the girls to figure out which one to send home each week. Well, hate to say it–but, I could tell you Robyn was going home at the very beginning. They have ZERO chemistry when they are together.

Of course, I hated the two-on-one date. Not only is it awkward, but knowing that you have to sit there with the worst girl of them all and try to compete must be miserable. Not to mention, the worst girl there has been manipulating him this whole time.

Another favorite I’m starting to have is Lesley–

Don’t think I’m not still in love with Sarah and AshLee, because I am. Hopefully I’ll be writing more about them tomorrow!

Now onto ROUND TWO tomorrow–

I hope y’all are as excited as Lauryn Pumpkin and I am!!

{Sam…Get your GAME FACE on. No playing around tomorrow. You must watch so you can have a Bachelor-Educated conversation with Lauryn Pumpkin and I.}


Just Squash It

This post is for those of you who watch the Bachelor, and if you don’t…

Meet Sean:


the handsome,
and pretty much everything a girl could dream of guy…

Lauryn Pumpkin and I have a tradition of watching the Bachelor together so we can discuss each and every move or kiss (Gah, that happens often, now doesn’t it?)  that takes place. Most of the time we have to rewind, maybe because we are talking to much watching so intently. We of course have to make our predictions.

Meet SARAH: {So far our favorite}


{Cute, Fun, Spontaneous, Sweet, Real, Honest}

We also like AshLee :


{Beautiful, Down to Earth, Personable}

Last night I was not a fan of Sean’s date choices. For one, I didn’t care for the first date. However, I would much rather rock climb than jump off a skyscraper! Secondly, I was upset that Sean choose Sarah for the group date. Did he even take into consideration that she was not as capable as the other girls who were playing roller derby? How rude. I felt so sorry for her, yet she was an unbelievable sport about it all. She tried so hard and proved that she could put her mind to it. Whether she was the greatest out there or not, I do believe she was the most challenged and should’ve gotten the rose, not the disgusting girl he gave it to.

{Yes, I do love her, but I am not completely bias. I do try to give the others a chance.}

Then onto the date with Leslie. What a wonderful date–just with the wrong person.

“I’m a tan Julia Roberts.” Leslie

Tierra is my absolute least favorite.


{selfish, drama queen, obnoxious, fake, annoying, you get the point…}

When she told Sean that she wanted to leave, I was so hoping she would leave. Yet, she used it to get him to give her the rose? Ugh! Doesn’t he know better? Obviously not. What the hell was he thinking?

“I hope we can just squash it.”

No, no one wants to be your friend. Go ahead and cry your way to Sean. No one cares. However, if you win I will be very disappointed!

“In Life… I  get what I want. Always.”

Vom. Vom. Vom.

Ok Ok, I know this show is not totally ‘real’ but I did get a bit obsessed because I love love love Kaci B! She is absolutely wonderful. I fell in love with her on the last show. Yes, major girl crush. She seems so down to earth and normal. She and Sean would be adorable together, however he was not feeling it. I could tell when he first saw her get out of the limo, he was 100% shocked. Not in a good way. Then it continued to get worse. He has kissed everyone a few girls and didn’t even make an attempt for her. Strange I know because she was the most beautiful! But, I guess Sean has a different opinion.

Two Episodes….Two Nights…Double the Drama…It’s like waiting for Christmas! Who else is ready?!