Help In the Garden?!

Since the weather is so unbelievably nice, I can’t help but spend all of my time outside!

Today, I had a few more things to plant in my garden that I bought on Sunday, and I noticed that Jen’s was willing to be my ‘co-green-thumb’…So, I ran inside to get my phone and came back out and noticed that my ‘co-green-thumb’ had decided this was her way to help…


Sitting in the garden while watching ME do all of the work.

How sweet of her–

Well, I better get back to finishing my planting while Jen’s is watching over me.

Maybe she is taking lessons to one day help? One can only dream….


Hope you all are having a wonderful Wednesday!



Garlic. Also known as a staple in my house…

Today as I was enjoying the beautiful weather, I decided to check on my garlic and see how it was coming along.

Since I have never grown garlic before, I am ectremely anxious to see how it turns out! Of course, I have grown many other things, I’ve just never taken on the task of garlic.

So, I wanted to share my ‘GARLIC EXCITEMENT’ with you today!


Do you have a garden? If so, what do you grow??


…and let there be HERBs

As I posted yesterday, I am a lover of all things homegrown. Which means I must have my own herbs! When I first started my garden and bought herbs, I was nervous. Nervous I’d kill them, nervous as to what to put them in and nervous that they wouldn’t grow big enough to use them. So, I had my first attempt, which went really well. I studied (yes, seriously…I read) a lot online about how to give each herb the TLC that it needs and which ones to pair with which food. Thankfully, I have now figured out how to dry my own herbs and make my own spices. {EXCITEMENT Squeal}
Today, while I was outside, I decided that I’d share with you all one of my glorious herb pots that I love so much. Yes, Love. It makes my heart smile to see it doing so well. Go ahead…I know you want to laugh. I’ll accept it.


Ahh, if you don’t already have your own ‘homegrown’ herbs, don’t you want to start now?
This herb pot includes :
Curly Leaf Parsley
Lemon Thyme
German Thymeparsley

 {Beautiful Curly Parsley}


{German Thyme and on the other side, Lemon Thyme}



This is probably my most favorite because I use it not only for cooking, but also for flower arrangements and to make my house smell heavenly.


Awaiting the Arrival of Lemons & Limes

To me–there is nothing like eating something that is ‘homegrown‘.

I’m an avid ‘gardner’ with a precious gardening shed. (I’d have to say so myself.) I choose to believe that I was born with a green thumb, but maybe it has just developed over the years.

Ehhh, Who knows. But, what I do know is I love veggies and herbs that I have grown in my garden.

So, while I was visiting Hilton Head I couldn’t help but stop by a local nursery and check it out. I immediately found lemon and lime trees. Ahhhh. Yes, Ahhhh. What could possibly be better than a homegrown lemon or lime to add to a yummy beverage?

Of course, I had to purchase one of each, so now I’m checking my trees daily to see if anything exciting is happening.  TODAY I found something growing on my lemon tree. Yes, that would be a baby lemon.

{Squealing is appropriate for this occasion.}


{I’m seeing lemons, many lemons, in the near maybe far future.}
lemon{Proud lemon moment.}