Awaiting the Arrival of Lemons & Limes

To me–there is nothing like eating something that is ‘homegrown‘.

I’m an avid ‘gardner’ with a precious gardening shed. (I’d have to say so myself.) I choose to believe that I was born with a green thumb, but maybe it has just developed over the years.

Ehhh, Who knows. But, what I do know is I love veggies and herbs that I have grown in my garden.

So, while I was visiting Hilton Head I couldn’t help but stop by a local nursery and check it out. I immediately found lemon and lime trees. Ahhhh. Yes, Ahhhh. What could possibly be better than a homegrown lemon or lime to add to a yummy beverage?

Of course, I had to purchase one of each, so now I’m checking my trees daily to see if anything exciting is happening.  TODAY I found something growing on my lemon tree. Yes, that would be a baby lemon.

{Squealing is appropriate for this occasion.}


{I’m seeing lemons, many lemons, in the near maybe far future.}
lemon{Proud lemon moment.}


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