Hair Me Out


One of the most important parts of a girls every day life.

Today I decided I would tell you all about my favorite things that I use to do my hair.

The shampoo I use, I am absolutely obsessed with. No, really. I am.
I don’t travel without it and if I think I’m getting close to being out, I will quickly buy a new supply just so I don’t have to use something else.


I would’ve never in my life thought that this shampoo would be as wonderful as it is when I first picked it up off of the shelf.

L’OREAL Ever Pure

Sulfate Free : Color Care System (Which doesn’t strip the color out, for those of us who color our hair)
Personally, I use the Volume because I have very thin hair.
Then…The smell…My most favorite part of my shower every morning. 
Rosemary Juniper.
Who could possibly ask for a better smell in the morning when you are trying to wake up, yet don’t want to.

Next, I use REDKEN Straight Lissage.


This bottle comes in a pump form, which is awesome because it measures out for you how much to use each time. 
First, I squirt the small amount into my hand and then rub my hands together and put into my hair from the crown down. I try to not put much on the top, so my hair will not turn into grease immediately. 
Then I use a comb and go through all of my hair to make sure it is all de-taingled. I choose to use a comb, because it is not so harsh on the hair and doesn’t pull all of my hair out. (I must keep all that I have since it is so thin!!)
Now of course, the most important part comes next and that is the blow dryer.
I’m obsessed with mine. 
I have tried others, and I can always tell a difference in how my hair feels.

So, I use the CHI Pro.


This blow dryer is honestly the best investment I’ve made.
Yes, its expensive, but so worth it. {$150.00ish}
If you are lucky, I will occasionally curl my hair. {Currently, my hair is very, very naturally straight}. So, you better catch me on a special occasion. 

 Pro Nano Curling Iron

This thing is AMAzing. 
It spins while you are curling your hair.
Crazy, I know. I couldn’t understand the first time I tried using it…But, now I’m possibly on the level of a semi-pro.

What do you use to get your ‘hair ready’?


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