Round TWO of Bachelor–Christmas Style

–Unfortunately, this Christmas has already come and gone–

Where to even start…..

Again, the drama was overrated and in full force tonight by the one and only Miss Tierra.

'We have a Tierra-ist on our hands.' -Lesley

Isn’t that the TRUTH–

Personally, I think the hyperthermia was made up so she could get a rose, and thankfully Sean didn’t fall for it this time. If he would’ve…I may have just smacked him in the face. Well, of course I can’t do that so I’d just have to pretend. That’s pretty much the same thing, right?

(It’s OK, You can agree with me)

I love the adventurous side to Sean. I think it is fun that he likes to do different things rather than what every other Bachelor has done.

Having a play date in the snow sounds like such fun to me! Yes, it looks unbelievably freezing, however it seemed well worth it.


Before the girls jumped in the water I was second guessing if I would actually partake in those activities, and I decided : Why yes I would freeze my ass off, but you can say you did it for the rest of your life. Also, if you don’t do it, you will go home just like Selma did. I guarantee if she had jumped in, Sean’s thoughts of sending her home would have not been so certain.

I am going to miss my dear Sarah. I loved her so much.


She was so sweet and gave it her all. Of course, I wanted to cry for her when she left because it seems like all of the guys that she comes across tell her the same thing. “You’re a great girl.” Well, I know she will eventually find the right one–I just wanted it to be Sean. However, I am so proud of him for not humiliating her at the Rose Ceremony. He actually gave her what she deserved. He told her prior so she wouldn’t have to say an extra 2 days.

Lesley is beginning to be a favorite more and more…as well as I may…just may…start liking Catherine. They have something that I really don’t see with any of the other girls except maybe Desiree. Which, by the way–I sort’ve want to go repelling. I went a long (long) time ago at camp, but that is not the same. I would be freaking out the whole time, but I would be so extremely ecstatic when I got done. Maybe this is another ‘life list’ add! Humm…Never knew the Bachelor could add so many wishes to my ‘life list’.

Tonight I decided to take Jen’s over to Lauryn’s Pumpkin’s to watch the Bachelor with us. Brody who is supposed to be Jen’s future husband was there. He still hasn’t warmed up to her yet, so he can be a bit feisty. We had to keep them apart and hopefully by watching the show they can both learn how to ‘fall in love’ in a weeks time. Perhaps? If not love…at least they need to be friends. Well, Lauryn Pumpkin and I have arranged a wedding, so they better start liking each other quickly. Maybe next time Brody will give Jen’s a rose and she will stick around.

Otherwise, she may have to find her another hubs. Oops…

Now, you all will have to wait until NEXT MONDAY for more Bachelor updates!

As for now…Nashville is tomorrow–


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