A Southern Hello!

Hey Y’all– {You can just assume Paula Deen said this herself}

Of course, I am Southern, however I sound absolutely nothing like good ole’ Paula. It’s quite comical how every time I say ‘Y’all’, she comes to mind. Paula has a very drawn out…’y’alllllll’, and mine is more like a quick ‘y’all’. Easy enough, huh?  Maybe if you add a little sweet tea wine, you will sound more like Paula. Go ahead, I know you want to try it.

Now, onto something more interesting. Well, maybe not to you, but to me.

I love blogs. I love to read blogs. I love to write blogs.

Blog. Blog. Blog. Blog. Oh Happy Blog.

{This picture pretty much sums up my life, except add Sweet before ‘Tea’} Ekk

[image by made by girl]

9 Helpful Blogging Tips

  1. Express your own self through your blog.
  2. Write about topics that interest you.
  3. Include pictures and videos to make your blog more interesting to read.
  4. Communicate with others through your blog.
  5. Find other blogs that interest you and follow then and maybe intern they will follow you!
  6. Be sure to give credit to the correct sources that you chose to use when blogging.
  7. Have an ‘eye catching’ blog. When someone sees your blog for the first time, do you think they will want to come back again?
  8. Post frequently or else you may loose your readers.
  9. Lastly, have fun with your blog. Share funny stories, quotes, pictures…whatever makes you happy!

Now, don’t you want to start a blog? Ah, I know you do. Don’t be sills. {My very special language. You will catch on soon!} 


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